Crewing & Man Power Supply

Crewing & Man Power Supply

JHW Reels provides crew of all nationality that work harmoniously, offshore and onshore.We work closely with our crewing and manpower supply to ensure effective and attentive labour. JHW Reels practices excellent work ethics and tedious procedures, which every JHW Reel crew must follow to ensure national standard service for our clients. 

We offer manpower supply solutions ranging from individual placements to the deployment of complete crews for both Oil & gas operators and rig contractors. We offer skilled crew members for every kind of budget.

Over the last 12 years JHW Reels has has built a network a highly qualified offshore manpower, ensuring we can assist our clients in attracting a thought after skill base to support any projects worldwide.

Our service is tailored to specific regional requirements and enhanced by the expertise of our team, who understand and foresee the unique challenges that may arise within a particular territory.

JHW Reels takes pride in understanding the daily challenges faced by its clients. This insight forms the basis for a one-to-one service needed to match specific requirements with available personnel sourced from a pool of engineers who are able to work on a permanent or contract basis. 

Invariably, this way of working has led to a strong track record underpinned by staff who offer outstanding references and chose only to work with JHW Reels. Key to our service is a complete administrative and legal expertise to both operators and consultants from human resources, contract management functions to the full door to door Support, Meet & Greet.