Offshore Support Vessel / Barges

Offshore Support Vessel / Barges

We own, operate and charter vessels to provide support for exploration, development and production activities in the offshore O&G industry. Equipped with in-house expertise, we are capable to project-manage the construction of our vessels.

We are one of the best Marine spread and Transportation vessels owners and operators in South East Asia with our Vessels ranging from Anchor Handling Towing Support vessels (AHTS), Accommodation Vessel, Tug Boats, Platform Supply Vessels (PSV), Safety Standby/ Utility vessels, Work Boat/Barge, DSV, Specialized Offshore Vessels, etc.

Our operations have been located in over 5 countries and reflecting our global operations are our rapidly expanding international shore-bases located in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Soudi Arabia and UAE. Being accustomed to operating in remote waters and under harsh conditions, our dedicated staff has been able to successfully manage operations on a global basis. We believe that the our best in class Vessels has enabled us to strengthen our position in the international offshore oil & gas sector.

We are also expanding our fleet, so we are able to better satisfy our customers’ offshore oilfield needs focused on operations at increasing depths. The expansion will give us a more balanced fleet ensuring both capability as well as capacity.

JHW Reels provides various types of Marine spread and Transportation vessels to the Oil and Gas industry. These include: 1.Tug Boat 2.AHTS 3.PSV 4.SSV 5.Work Boat/Barge 6.DSV 7.GPV/Utility 8.Construction Vessel 9.Construction Boat/Barge 10.Accommodation Boat/Barge 11.Crew Boat 12.Utility Vessel 13.Bulk Carrier 14.Accommodation Vessel 15.Accommodation Barge 16.Specialized Offshore Vessel