Accelerating your performance through cutting-edge learning is the motto.

Training is the fundamental to all jobs. JHW Reels offers a variety corporate courses in MALAYSIA as well as for food handling training catering to specific needs and training throughout the year. We are able to design the training as acquiring for a specific skills to become qualified and proficient, so that one can perform a job better. We are also in collaboration with foreign training centre to train marine crew such as simulation programme, DP and etc.
JHW Reels enables crewmembers with adequate tools to enable them to do their jobs at the speed of light but yet bound with merit and quality outcome. We train crew members not only to be brilliant in their line of work, but to also work with integrity, to be trustworthy, to take pride in their work and to also have good work ethics with others.
Here is a list of other training that we offer:

1. LPS

2. Ship Simulator Training

3. Crew Training